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Daily Euphoria: Separated at birth?

Life attempting to imitate art by Yoshimoto Nara.

Life attempting to imitate art by Yoshitomo Nara.

Having some fun here at Casa Hobo.

The first time I saw Yoshitomo Nara‘s work was in print,  almost two decades ago, when I was a devoted Juxtapoz reader (back when magazines were my internet).   At the time, my exposure to Japanese art was sadly limited to traditional woodcuts, emblems and tattoos.   I fell hard for his work , and it proved to be a great gateway into discovering contemporary art coming out of Japan.

Can’t afford an original?  How about a Nara-designed doggy radio? Chronicle books also published a postcard book of  his work awhile back – which is where this gem comes from.  (Thanks for the snail mail inspiration,  Avery. You have great taste!)

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Fairyfloss and Fun With Your Face 2.0

Fairyfloss by Tim Georgeson 2008

I’ve had this image on my fridge door for a few weeks now and look at it every morning.  It’s a sweet thing to focus on when in a bleary, pre-breakfast state.    In an ancient,  long-neglected blog, I used to post a series of photos called “Fun With Your Face”.  I think it’s time to start that up again, as I do loves me some novelty eyeglasses!

Thanks for the kickstart Tim Georgeson.

Here’s a classic FWYF offering from the archives:

satsuma eyes, San Francisco ferry plaza market

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