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Covet Garden


The latest issue of the online design magazine, Covet Garden,  launched this week and I’m so chuffed that we got to be a part of the magic – even if it feels like I’ve just hung my knickers out on the washline for all to see.  (Thanks for the perfect analogy, Tracy!).  Have a peek inside our happy hobo home.

The Covet Garden crew are some of the most creative, funny, and hard-working people I know.  With a mandate to showcase interesting homes that aren’t styled by decorators, they truly deliver on their mission to be “inspirational, not aspirational”.  They deserve all the praise they have been receiving from stylish fans like bloggers sfgirlbybay and my scandinavian home.

As if it weren’t thrilling enough to be featured, the cover art is the work of amazing illustrator Alanna Cavanagh.  Pinch me, please.

For more design goodness, check out the Covet Garden blog  and co-founder Rhonda Riche’s Gracious Good’s blog.

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Illustration amazingness: Emily Sutton

fruit seller, rialto market by Emily Sutton

My latest illustration crush is on Emily Sutton.   And I do love this bit, on her about page:  ” Now based in a house on a hill in the middle of nowhere…” , which completely appeals to my hermit-loving-lifestyle tendencies.

Discovered via Ben Pentreath’s blog, which is also full of drool worthy delights.

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