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Daily Euphoria: Early morning mushroom obsession

beautifully lit Bridal Veil mushroom via

What do you do when you are waking up with coffee and your computer, and happen to click on  this  ?

You find yourself going down the rabbit hole, researching freaky, lace-adorned, carrion-scented fungi, and wishing you could be somewhere tropical, like at the base of a rotting log in Central America, so you could draw these suckers from life.

You also wonder how you can work the term Crinoline Stinkhorn into your daily lexicon.


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Daily Euphoria: attention to detail

tattly mailAll this talk of fun mail has clearly put the postal gods on my side.  This week, my order of Tattlys arrived and I was especially pleased to find such beautiful stamps adorning it.  Small details,  like those butterfly wings, certainly do heighten the anticipation and pleasure of opening mail.  Don’t you agree?

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“Anything one does every day is important and imposing and anywhere one lives is interesting and beautiful.”

 Gertrude Stein

via The Happiness Project.

Gertrude knows best

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