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Brooklyn love for Pies ‘n Thighs

I’m not embarrassed to say that we hit up Pies ‘n Thighs three times in four days.  You’ve got to pace yourself with this one.  There is no tasting menu or small plates or palate-cleansing sorbets between courses. This is deep fried chicken, mac and cheese, giant donuts and homemade pies. The best.

First off, you need to come prepared…to wait.  They were featured recently on (sigh) Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (damn you Guy Fieri!) and even got the Martha-bump, so traffic is up, and tables are scarce.  Try and keep your desperate “hungry-eyes”off the food coming out of the kitchen, by people-watching and staring at the wall kitsch. Yes, you will see the crafting-gone-wild mobile of crocheted chicken thighs streaming out of a gold glittered paper bucket.  Yes, even though it is a million degrees beside that deep fryer, the staff are still working the toques and trucker hats (and hairnets), because if you can’t accessorize while you’re making food magic, GET OUT of the kitchen!


To their credit, the food is worth the wait and they get it to you fast, once you’re seated.  The chicken and waffles was the supreme champion – the super light and crispy waffle and spiced butter being a tasty surprise.   We popped in on night #2  for some samples of their sour cherry and peanut butter pies to take to the apartment.   These people know their pie connoisseurs and had whipped cream in containers on the side, so as to not sully the integrity of the pie in transit.  Total pros. I was in heaven, eating dessert in my pajamas and I won’t lie, there was plate licking.

Our last kick at the P ‘n T can was breakfast.  How can you turn down a sandwich called the Banjo?  Feather light biscuits, eggs and pig parts – no complaints!  Hobo G showed restraint and went veggie with the Hippie Banjo.  The dark, molasses-y Anadama bread, which we have since learned is a traditional Massachussets specialty, was a great foil to the avocado, egg, mayo, cheese combo.

Alan Thicke AND the Biebs? Good times.

Alan Thicke AND the Biebs? Good times. Photoshop at its finest.

Get some doughnuts to go, on your way out.   Treat. Yo. Self.  There is no judgment here, just high fives.

Giant delicious doughnut.

Giant delicious doughnut.

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