First of the season: Pink Jam!





Okay, so clearly  this week is all about the food.  Bear with me…

My  rhubarb plant sacrificed itself to the canning gods this weekend, supplying me with the raw materials for this Rhubarb-Rosemary Jam.  It’s a recipe that has been on my roster ever since I got the preserving bug a few years back, and a hallmark to the start of summer !

Today, I got my kicks dressing these guys up to give as gifts.  It’s almost as much fun as making the jam , and definitely less messy!

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2 thoughts on “First of the season: Pink Jam!

  1. verbs says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I work at UPPERCASE and my colleagues, Janine and Erin, met you at the Show & Tell in T.O last week. I had to pop by and visit your blog after receiving your pink jam! I am just learning how to can and make jam, so it’s real a treat to receive some!

    Thanks for thinking of me and keep blogging!

    • softmechanic says:

      Thanks for the lovely comment and I sure am glad the pink jam landed in your hands! Would love to hear how your experiments in canning go! Hope our paths cross again in the near future.

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